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TFA Newsletter July 13: Group Class Announcements, Promos, Gut Health, & More!

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Hello again!

As usual, we have some awesome things to share with our TFA FIT FAM this week! Keep on reading to find out some new info about GROUP CLASSES, including a BRING A FRIEND PROMO and a NEW SUNDAY CLASS, how to get OPTIMAL GUT HEALTH, learn how to perfect and progress your SQUAT.

We will be sending these newsletters out bi-weekly so look out for them in your inboxes!

If you’re ready to have fun, sweat, and transform with us make sure you RSVP to the classes you wish to attend! Please RSVP in one of the following ways…

  • Click “RSVP For Weight Loss Classes” link under the ANNOUNCEMENTS section below. This will direct you to an online calendar of class dates/times.
  • Email, call, text, or tell us in person which classes you’d like to attend.
*Note: There is no penalty for missing a class you signed up for. We will not charge you for classes missed. However, we do have limited space so we ask that you consider this when RSVPing.

TFA Group Class Annoucements


Help us expand our TFA FIT FAM by bringing a workout buddy! 🙂

Bring a friend to one class and get a FREE WEEK of classes – that’s up to 4 FREE CLASSES!

We want you to share your awesomely sweaty fitness experience with a friend or a loved one AND get rewarded for it!


STARTING TOMORROW 7/14, we are now adding a SUNDAY CLASS AT 12 PM! So the schedule is as follows…
Monday Night at 8 pm
Wednesday Night at 8 pm
Saturday Afternoon at 12 pm
Sunday Afternoon at 12 pm

If you want to take the classes, you MUST RSVP for them so that we have an accurate head count! You can do so by emailing us, texting us, telling us in person, or you can sign up using the red button below that says “SIGN UP FOR WEIGHT LOSS CLASSES.” We will be sending out the calendars for two weeks at a time, so you can book your classes for the next two weeks every time our bi-weekly newsletter is sent out.

If you are unsure of future dates, it is okay to just sign up for the upcoming week or two. We will be sending this calendar link out in every newsletter.



Continuing Group Classes
1-2 classes per week – $20 per class
3-4 classes per week – $15 per class
You can by per class, weekly, monthly, however you prefer!


*Classes will be held at the same times they are currently offered, however we will consider moving Wednesday morning’s class to Thursday morning if we have enough people sign up.
**There must be at least 3 sign ups per class in order for us to keep it going.



Our gut health is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, functioning optimally, feeling great on a daily basis, and it also plays a key role in our weight loss efforts. Besides all that, most of us suffer with some sort of digestive health issue, whether it’s occasional acid reflux, food allergies, or nausea and stomach aches. Having a healthy gut can change your life and have you feeling (and looking) your best!
Click the link below to check out the Bustle article that our very own Coach Raquel contributed to as a Certified Sports Nutritionist! It describes 9 very common, yet detrimental, habits we should avoid for a healthy and happy belly.

Click the link below to check out the Bustle article that our very own Coach Raquel contributed to as a Certified Sports Nutritionist! It describes 9 very common, yet detrimental, habits we should avoid for a healthy and happy belly.

9 Habits That Can Impact The Gut



The squat is one of the most important movements when it comes to strength training and just moving in your everyday life. Squatting involves nearly every muscle in the body and practicing the squat not only improves fitness and burns fat, it will also improve mobility for daily life tasks. You actually squat every single day, whether you’re aware of it or not. Every time you sit on the toilet or a chair, you’re squatting. When you pick something up off the floor, you should be squatting, however some people tend to bend at the lower back instead of squat down and this is how painful back injuries occur!

Whether you’re a beginner who has never seen the inside of a gym or an advanced athlete, incorporating some type of squat into your routine will do wonders for your body, the way it moves, and what it can handle. Below is a list of squat progressions in the order that I recommend following when incorporating the squat movement into your training regimen. If you’re more advanced and have mastered some of these (with proper form), skip to a more challenging squat variation that you haven’t quite become an expert at yet.

  • Bodyweight or Chair Squat
  • Goblet Squat
  • Dumbbell or Suitcase Squat
  • Box Squat
  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Other Squat Variations
    • Jump Squat
    • Single Leg Bench/Chair Squat
    • Pistol Squat
    • Sumo Squat

*Below is a document with images of each of these progressions and instructions on how to perform each move.



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In Good Health,
Raquel & Matt

Mental Health

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

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Hello again and welcome back,

So, it’s 2018 and words like depression and anxiety get used so often we have become numb to the true meaning of these words and the impact they have on our lives. Fun fact I want you to think about as you continue to read along; The only time an animal (monkey, lion, elephant, even your house cat/dog, etc) feels stress or anxiety is when it becomes prey. An animal does not sit there and stress over the present day, the future or the past. It just lives its life as each day passes by. So, why do we allow our brains to completely take over and cause us unnecessary stress, anxiety and depression? Do we truly know what these words actually represent? Or are we just victims of the media and a society that constantly tells us every time we turn on the TV that we have depression and anxiety and with this pill all your worries and troubles magically disappear!

Depression – “Feelings of severe despondency and dejection.”

Anxiety – “A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

Stress – “State of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”

Let me be clear by stating, I am not saying you should never feel these emotions. I’m simply saying you have more control over them than you think. Look at it this way, when you were younger you spent hours with teachers or coaches to master a craft, whether it be writing and spelling or dribbling a basketball. The more you practiced, the better you got. Arguably, the muscle of the mind is stronger than any muscle in the body and we’ve all heard of muscle memory. So, when you constantly live in a state of depression or anxiety you are actually “practicing” how to be depressed and anxious!

So, first things first. Acknowledge and accept that your subconscious is incredibly powerful and this is where the thinking begins. This is where, on your Sunday afternoon you start to feel uneasy and nervous that Monday is coming and it’s back to work for the week at a job you’re not in love with. Before you know it it’s 2:00 in the morning and your counting how many hours you have left before you have to be up and ready to start your day. I believe life and the mind is like a very delicate day of fishing. It’s all about balance, knowing when to fight and take action, and when to relax and not try to control everything. Sound complicated? Well, that’s because it is. I love old cliche sayings because they have been around forever and they almost always hold true, so in this case I will say, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Alright, you have now accepted, acknowledged and shown respect to your subconscious. That’s step one, treat your subconscious as if it’s another entity living within your being. Sounds crazy, I know. What’s next? Practice, practice, practice! Here is a method I have used with some clients in the past; write down a list of all the things in your life that cause you any feelings of negativity. Then, write down another list on a separate piece of paper of all the things in your life that bring happiness to your life. The first list you acknowledge and accept that these are areas of your life that you are working on. It will take time but you will overcome all of these things that you feel are weighing you down. Now take that first list and shove it in a drawer somewhere, we’ll get back to it. The second list of happiness you carry around with you everywhere you go. Anytime you feel any negative energy or sadness coming over you, take that list out and give it a look over. Spending time on each one to feel the joy it brings you when you’re doing it. Show gratitude for each and every one. This is just one technique to rewiring your brain for positivity. Now, as for that second list. As you continue to work to improve your life for the better, once you feel you have overcome any one of those hurdles you can now cross it off of your “negative” list. This will give you a sense of accomplishment which is huge for your subconscious to acknowledge and accept. Do you see how we have flipped the dynamics. We are no longer allowing the subconscious to dictate towards us, giving us things that we need to register and deal with. Now we are creating things for the subconscious to acknowledge. This will in-turn cause the subconscious to expect positive things to happen in our every day lives.

Crawl before you walk. This is just one method I give my clients. If you would like to know more or go into further detail feel free to reach out to me at FitnessAcademyNJ@gmail.com

Follow me on social media @FitnessAcademyNJ (Instagram)

To get the full effect, you can always schedule your complimentary session with me at The Fitness Academy.

Just call or text 201.983.3510 or email at FitnessAcademyNJ@gmail.com

Peace & Love,

~Matt G.